Ma. Joins Red Brick Market!

Ma. Is now finally part of the Red Brick market!

After first discovering the market in February we knew we had to be part of this hub for independent businesses.

once we had completed the first drop and had time on our hands the planning and preparations for putting up our Pop up shop was underway.

Ma pop up wall incomplete

We began setting up on the 30th of March, it took us 2 days due to the fact that we had to wait for the paint to dry :( But after returning the second day we quickly got to work, drilling and banging as well as steaming all the T-shirts that were to be hung up.

Ma. Pop up wall completed

After putting in a shift the wall was up! 

You can find us in the red brick market at 

119 Floodgate St
B5 5SR

come check us out!






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